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Preventative Maintenance

Some easy maintenance ideas include:

Older parking lot lighting such as metal halide, incandescent, florescent, and high pressure sodium have been around for years. The ballast, and lamps for these fixtures go bad from time to time. Property owners, landlords, and tenants loose track of these fixtures as they go out. Before you know it there are more fixtures than acceptable are out and it poses a safety issues for employees and pedestrians. MARS Electric can fix, and or replace these fixtures with the newest LED lighting fixtures. LED is the smartest way to go with any new or existing lighting plans. The LED lighting produce a brighter, whiter light, and cost about 1/4 the price of the older types of light to run. There are no serviceable components to LED lighting making them have no maintenance. MARS Electric has the lifts to access most any indoor warehouse, factory, or outdoor parking lot lighting fixtures. We also have trenching, backfill, and tamping equipment to install new outdoor lighting for your home or business.

If you have a portable generator to use in the event of a power loss you should be pulling the generator outside and stating it every few weeks to make sure it will start in your time of need. Allow it to run for a few minutes to charge the battery and keep every thing inside the motor lubed up. Also gas has a shelf life of a few weeks so its good to burn it out of your tank. Also you can add a fuel additive to prolong the fuel life. Never run a generator inside your home or garage. Co2 is colorless and odorless and can kill you. A Co2 detector can easily be installed by MARS Electric your home to protect your family. For any of your generator motor repair issues you can contact Nick at The Lawn Barn at 910 Wouldbourn Road in Langhorne, Pa. 215-757-3850.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection (GFCI) is a very important part of life safety that is overlooked by most people. GFCI will protection protection protects you in the event of any electrical equipment coming in contact with water. GFCI outlets should be tested monthly by simply pushing the test button on the front of the device, or circuit breaker. GFCI outlets are required in the following locations Bathrooms, Kitchen counter top outlet, Washing machine outlets, Outside outlets including swimming pools, Unfinished basements. MARS Electric can test, replace, or install GFCI protection as needed.

Water and moisture can do damage to most all parts of your home not just electrical components. These things include missing or improper covers on outside light fixtures, and outlets, Missing or old worn out calk on electric equipment can be hazardous as well. If water gets into outlets and light fixtures it could be hazardous to people and can shorten the life of the equipment. If the service cable coming into your home is frayed, and falling off the wires it could be very hazardous, also water may be getting in to the meter pan, and main panel in the house. This could lead to bigger repairs and damage to other parts of your home such as interior lumber, and drywall. MARS Electric can do any of these repairs as needed to prevent bigger damage issues.

Power surges happen everyday in the US. This can cause costly frustrating repair bills, and potential fire in a rare cases. MARS Electric can install a whole house, or commercial building surge suppressor before the damage is done.

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Preventative Maintenance on the Following
  • Replacing Bad Ballasts & Lamps
  • Generator Check-Ups & Repair
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor Protection
  • Water Damage Inspection and Repair
  • Surge Suppression Protection

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